Statewide Sermon Series

In January 2024, immediately following the new year (1/7/2024) Carolina Movement is facilitating a 4 week statewide sermon series called “People of Purpose” that will go verse by verse through a passage in Ephesians Chapter 2 and will culminate in people finding their ultimate purpose in life in Christ on the final week (1/28/2024) and will have an opportunity to be baptized on Febuary 4th (Baptism Sunday) where people from all over NC will demonstrate their faith through baptism!


We are praying for people to find their purpose in Christ


Preach a 4 week sermon series called People of Purpose. You’ll find the series overview below.


Prepare for Baptism

Sunday February 4th we are wanting to have a Baptism Sunday across all of our Carolina Movement Churches

Series Overview:

The story of God’s salvation and restoration unleashes the divine plan He has for our lives. The breathtaking news is that God has had a purpose for each of our lives since before time began. Through the work of Jesus, we are not only forgiven of our sins but set free to become the individuals God created us to be. Transformation takes place as we comprehend our Ephesians 2 calling. We will experience great clarity of purpose as we are able to name and describe God’s purpose for our lives. Imagine the collective impact we can have on the world as we surrender to living out God’s purpose for our lives together!

Series Goal:

Lead people on a journey to discover God’s purpose for their lives, live out their purpose in community and surrender to God’s purpose through faith in Jesus Christ.

We will provide:


for messages as we walk through the Ephesians 2.


for Slides and Social Media


for promos and in service