Save the Date

On February 2th, 2024, Carolina Movement churches across North Carolina will be teaching about baptism, proclaiming the Gospel, and inviting people to follow Jesus in baptism.

This special Baptism Sunday message will walk through the Biblical meaning and importance of baptism. The message will end with an opportunity for people to join in spontaneous baptism along with those people who have previously committed to baptism.

Typically, the result is people will also get baptized over the next few weeks at your church as well! Baptism Sunday will be preceded by our Statewide Sermon Series, which will intentionally build up to this Baptism Sunday. However, Baptism Sunday can also stand alone for those who would like to participate in Baptism Sunday but not the sermon series.

What to Expect

Sermon Manuscript


Promotional Materials

Response Cards

Spontaneous Baptism Kits

Last Year

Over our last two Baptism Sundays we have seen over 300 people follow Jesus in baptism at our Carolina Movement churches across North Carolina. We are praying to see hundreds more people follow Jesus in baptism from the mountains to the coast in 2025 through our Statewide Baptism Sunday! Watch this highlight video to get a taste of what God can do when we work together to share the Gospel: