Our Model



No More Orphans

Organizations often sponsor church plants without the plant having a sending church to provide covering, prayer, resources, and support. The unintended result is that church plants become spiritual orphans. In our model, every church plant has multiple sending/mother churches.

Plant Directly

No More Middle Men

When a sending church becomes engaged with a specific church plant, it becomes more passionate about church planting. Having a direct relationship with a church plant allows churches to engage their congregation in praying for, serving with, giving to, and sending out people to help the new church plant.


No More Waiting

Most church plants never end up planting another church. The only way to see a church planting movement is through churches planting churches that plant churches. In our model church plants immediately become sending churches by joining a church planting coalition immediately after their grand opening!

Everyone Plants

No More Mega Mentality

Many smaller to medium size churches think they don’t have the resources to plant a church. However, we believe church planting should not just rely on mega churches with mega budgets. We set the funding level at a place where every church can become a sending church through joining a coalition of sending churches.


No More Solo Planting

Church planting coalitions provide multiple sending churches for a church plant. A single sending church does not have the pressure of providing all the support and resources. Church Plants thrive when supported by multiple sending churches while Both gaining the organizational and operational support of Carolina Movement.