Sending Churches

5 Sending Church Benefits


We believe every church can plant another church

Church Planters

Your church will have multiple approved and assessed church planters to choose from in order to find a planter that is the best fit for your church. We have multiple church planters across North Carolina from a variety of backgrounds, styles and personalities. We have rural, urban and suburban planters.

Designated Giving

A unique benefit of Carolina Movement is that your church has the opportunity to select the Carolina Movement church plant you feel led to support financially. You can know exactly where your valuable mission dollars are going!

100% to Mission

We have a core group of Stakeholder churches who cover all of the operational costs of Carolina Movement so that 100% of sending church contributions go to support your chosen church plant and reach people for Jesus Christ in their community!


Your church will have a one to one relationship with every church you help plant. You will be able to get to know the church and church planter you are planting. You will also build vital relationships with other church planting churches just like yours in your church planting coalition and through our church planting events and retreats.

Mission Trips

When you partner with Carolina Movement, you have an opportunity to do more than just give. We encourage every sending church to consider taking a weekend mission trip to help their church plant get off the ground. These mission trips can consist of outreach events, placing door hangers in the community, and volunteering at preview services, launch Sunday, or the first few weeks after launch.

Helping Churches Like Crossroads Church

Whiteville, NC, is home to a mere 5,300 people in the middle of the Bible Belt. You may not realize there is a need for a new church in this rural town; however, only 22% of the population attends an evangelical church. Church planter, Billy Roy, saw the need for a new church in Whiteville and launched Crossroads Church, in partnership with the Carolina Movement, on December 3, 2017. They had 17 people follow Jesus in baptism in just the first three months, proving every town in North Carolina needs a new church!

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