We are always looking for high impact leaders who are called by God to plant city transforming churches across NC!

The Carolina Movement has a proven track record of helping church planters plant successful churches.  Our Carolina Movement church plants are seeing great growth and changed lives. We take seriously the responsibility entrusted to us by our partner churches, and, therefore, have a high standard and a rigorous evaluation process for potential church planters.

What we provide:

The Carolina Movement agrees to provide the following:   
  1. Prayer– The Carolina Movement commits to pray regularly for the new church during the prelaunch phase and for at least the first six months postlaunch, and to lead others to do the same.
  2. People– The Carolina Movement will seek to send people from our various partner churches to serve on the launch team of the new church.  We would do so through publicizing the new church in various formats, letting the need be known, and making a direct ask for people to pray about joining the launch team of the new church.
  3. Coaching– The Carolina Movement will provide a designated coach to support the lead church planter.  If the new church has a Management tTam the provided coach will serve on that management team until local leadership can be established.  Frank White is currently serving as the Carolina Movement coach for this project until 6 months after launch. Frank White is currently serving as the Carolina Movement coach for these plants until six months after launch.
  4. Trips– The Carolina Movement will send people on one or more weekend mission trips to help with community service, outreach, marketing, and volunteering at weekend service.
  5. Funding– The Carolina Movement will seek to provide a $50,000 cash grant, collected from our partner churches and distributed over the course of three years for the establishment of this new church.

What We Ask: 

  1. Prayer – The new church will regularly pray for the other new churches being started by the Carolina Movement across North Carolina.
  2. Network & Movement Meetings – The Lead Pastor of the new church will attend monthly Carolina Movement gatherings either personally or virtually, and invite other lead pastors interested in planting churches in North Carolina to attend.
  3. Vision – The new church will support the vision of planting 100 churches in 10 years in NC by 2027, so that more people in NC will be pointed to Jesus than ever before!
  4. Giving – Giving to church planting is a principle that demonstrates our commitment to the Great Commission and to the value of church planting in a very practical way.  The new church will agree to give a minimum of $2,000 per year to the planting of a new church in NC of their choice for the next 10 years.  Funds will be given to the new church through the Carolina Movement.

Do you consider yourself a high impact leader called by God to plant a city transforming church in North Carolina?  To speak with a Carolina Movement representative and to find out more information, email info@thecarolinamovement.com.